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Do you have Hard Water?

Richmond North Yorkshire, Skeeby, Brompton on Swale, Leyburn, Middleton Tyas, Catterick.

Having supplied water softeners to the people of North Yorkshire for the last 7 years, we are proud to say we have a thorough understanding of the challenges you are facing in dealing with the effects of hard water if you live in one of the above areas.

We have many very satisfied customers, who simply cannot believe how the installation of a water softener in their homes can instantly reverse the effects of hard water. Changing their lives’ is NOT an understatement.

Well Worth Every Penny

North Easter Water Softeners installed our twin tank non-electric water softener system approximately 5 years ago.  We had moved into a hard water area and had no end of problems in the new house due to the build up of limescale, not to mention continually dirty looking taps, shower screen, sink etc.  I also suffer with a mild case of eczema which was being made worse by the hard water.  I am very pleased to say that it was an excellent investment.  Shower screen is always clean, nice shiny taps, kettle never furs up, I only use half the amount of washing power, shampoo etc and my skin has reaped the benefits.
The service we received from North East Water Softeners was excellent.  Fast and clean installation.  They were also very informative and helpful – non nonsense sales technique.  They also supply us with replacement salt blocks and their prices are the same as you would get on line and they deliver to your door (very quickly). 
We have since moved house and we brought the water softener with us so we are still using it and expect to for many more years to come.  Well worth every penny.
Tina Fisher
North Yorkshire


Yes,I've now had lovely soft water since October the twelfth and you'll be pleased to learn that I'm delighted with the performance of the appliance that Kevin installed on that day. I can feel a distinct difference each time I wash my hands or have a bath. I definitely use less soap now, and my skin is smoother. I'm very pleased to note that the limescale that had been clinging to my electric kettle has now all gone, and all the sinks and wash-basins in the house are clear too. Even the marble work-tops in my kitchen are now back to their original glossy look. I shall really appreciate now no longer having to remove limescale from my taps, bath, sink and washbasins with wire-wool and assorted brands of limescale-remover; a job I always hated doing. I'm so glad I contacted you and am very satisfied with your product. Best wishes.

Bob Purvis Richmond, North Yorks.

Oct 2018

If you would like to find out more about how you too can join the increasing number of people throughout North Yorkshire, changing their lives, with the addition of a water softener, then give us a call on 01429 872522 or email us We will be happy to arrange a free site survey, when one of our representatives will call out and test the water in your home to see how hard it actually is.