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Which water softener is for you?

Did you know?

    On average, if you have hard water it takes around 168 showers to clog your showerhead with limescale.
    So if there’s a couple of you or if you’re super-fresh and like to shower twice a day, you’ll notice the showehead gets clogged and the water flow drops to a puny dribble in less than three months!

      What’s Hard Water & What Does A Water Softener Do? 

        Hard water basically means there’s a lot of limescale in your water.

        It’s not your fault, that’s just the way it is in some parts of the UK.

        You can’t change your water supplier and you can’t change the water coming into your house. But you can change the water once it gets into your house with a water softener.

        The science is simple: our water softeners reduce the amount of limescale in your home, saving you time and money. Less limescale means that all your appliances, including your boiler, will run more efficiently and last longer – and your skin and hair will be healthier too. In a nutshell, if you live in a hard water area your life is better with a water softener in your home.

’ve decided you need a water softener. Now comes the hard part, comparing one identical looking white box against another!

        Just where do you start?

        That’s the dilemma I faced, when I received Kevin’s leaflet through my door about 7 years ago, when I lived in Sunderland (which is a very hard water area!)
        So to give you a little bit more of a head start than I had, here’s a few pointers which should help you to decide which one is for you:


        All water softeners use a resin which softens the water and to keep working properly they need to regenerate the resin (I’ll not bore you any more with the science bit).

        With an electric water softener it needs to be plugged into the electricity to give it power when it’s regenerating, this is because it only has one tank.

        It will be set to regenerate the system every few days, irrespective of how much water has been used and that’s why traditionally these were the cheapest to buy, but the most expensive to run. However this is no longer the case, with the new generation BWT Softlux range of electric water softeners.Because the Softlux is fitted with a smart meter with memory function and proportional brining, this means the regeneration process is much more cost effective .  


        Non Electric water softeners have been designed to work solely off the power generated by your water supply. A bit like those old fashioned water mills...

        There are no timers, computers or manual adjustments to be concerned with, as they have twin tanks, which means regeneration is seamless and automatic. 

        What's more, there is no electrical feed so power cuts are of no concern & it works off 100% sustainable energy, without the need for a power outlet.

        They will only regenerate when needed, depending on your own family’s water consumption.

        This means that, while they may be more expensive to buy, they do cost less to run in the longterm.  

        We have many different Electric & Non Electric water softeners to choose from - as you will see from the next few pages - but chances are you’re still going to need help choosing the right one to suit your home, your circumstances and your budget.

        Just give me a call and I’ll be happy to advise you

        I’ve had a water softener myself for the last 7 years and have spent the last 3 years helping others to buy them, so I’d like to think I know pretty much everything there is to know about water softeners.

        Drop me a line or ring me direct 07949126363


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