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Residential homes and Nursing homes

Residential homes and Nursing homes

Problems with Hard Water

If you have hard water you will see the effects it has on a daily basis.

  • Taps, clogged with lime scale.
  • Shower heads, taps and bathrooms showing clear signs of lime scale build up resulting in variations in water temperature and pressure… 
  • Bed linens, towels and garments having a rough and old appearance, even when they have just been washed.
  • Detergent costs increasing, hard water will use 50% more detergent then soft water.
  • Maintenance costs going up and up.
  • Capital equipment, such as commercial kitchen appliances, washing machines and dryers, will have up to 50% less life span, if using hard water.
  • Residents complaining of having skin complaints such as eczema and other dry skin conditions.
  • Water consumption and cleaning time on the increase.

Benefits of a commercial water softener

  • Lime scale free pipes, reducing temperature variations and low water pressure.
  • Bedlinens, towels and garments having a soft and fluffy feel and appearance and lasting longer.
  • Water consumption reduction.
  • Costs saving in time spent cleaning.
  • Cost savings on all detergents and products used in the washing process of up to 50%.
  • Washing machines and dryers all have a much longer life up to 50%, which can save thousands of pounds.
  • Lowering maintenance issues and costs
  • Dry skin complaints such as eczema, greatly improved and reduced as a result of removing the hardness from the water, which will mean less time in caring for skin conditions and healthier skin.

Installation of a commercial water softener

Our commercial engineers will visit you at your premises and individually assess your own unique commercial requirements. We offer a full no cost site survey, at the end of which we will recommend a product specifically to suit your requirement. We will then safely and efficiently install the water softener into your commercial premises by connecting it to the main water supply that enters the premise. From here all you have to do is add salt for the system to work and regenerate and top up when empty. We also offer Commercial Customer Support as well as annual maintenance contracts.

Residential homes and Nursing homes

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