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Problems with Hard Water

  • If you have hard water you will see the effects it has on a daily basis.
  • Shower heads, clogged with lime scale.
  • Taps and showers crusted with lime scale, dripping constantly, with variations in water temperature and pressure…
  • Towels having a rough and old appearance, even when they are new.
  • Glasses and cutlery in the bar and restaurant having a white opaque appearance.
  • Dishwashers and kitchen appliances for ever breaking down.
  • Maintenance costs going up and up.
  • All of the above, leading to constant customer complaints and extra time and costs, in dealing with complaints.

Benefits of a commercial water softener

  • Chrome shower heads and taps having a brilliant shine and new appearance.
  • Lime scale free pipes, reducing temperature variations and low water pressure.
  • Towels, having a soft and fluffy feel and appearance and lasting 50% longer.
  • Costs saving in time spent cleaning.
  • Cost savings on all detergents and produces used in the cleaning process of up to 50%.
  • Brilliantly clean glasses and cutlery straight out of the dishwasher.
  • Kitchen appliances and dishwashers all have a much longer life, which can save thousands of pounds.
  • Lowering maintenance issues and costs.
  • Giving your customers a stress free stay and enjoying the benefits soft water has on hair and skin as a bonus.

Installation of a commercial water softener

Our commercial engineers will visit you at your premises and individually assess your own unique commercial requirements. We offer a full no cost site survey, at the end of which we will recommend a product specifically to suit your requirement. We will then safely and efficiently install the water softener into your commercial premises by connecting it to the main water supply that enters the premise. From here all you have to do is add salt for the system to work and regenerate and top up when empty. We also offer Commercial Customer Support as well as annual maintenance contracts.

Hotels and B&B’s

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