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Drinking Water Systems

Drinking Water Systems

What’s Wrong With Tap Water?

    On average, if you have hard water it takes around 168 showers to clog your showerhead with limescale.
    So if there’s a couple of you or if you’re super-fresh and like to shower twice a day, you’ll notice the showehead gets clogged and the water flow drops to a puny dribble in less than three months!

      Improving Your Tap Water

        Water filter systems remove these unwanted and potentially harmful impurities from your drinking water. There are many water filtration options out there but your main goal should be to remove as many contaminants as possible in the quickest, most cost-effective way. Filter jugs can be pricey in the long-run due to the cost of replacement cartridges, and there is also the issue of having to wait for the water to drip through the cartridge every time you fill it. On top of that, they don’t actually remove the same amount of contaminants as fitted water filter systems. With a fitted water filter system, you’ll get pure, filtered, great-tasting water on 24/7.

        How fitted filter systems clean your water

        Different filtration products have different mechanisms for removing the impurities. Among these, two of the most effective techniques used in water filtration systems are reverse osmosis and carbon filtration.

        Here's how they work

        Reverse Osmosis

        Reverse Osmosis drinking water systems are fitted with three filters that remove unwanted substances through filtration and a process called ‘reverse osmosis’. This is where water molecules pass through a semi-permeable membrane which contaminants are too big to penetrate. These remaining particles are then washed down the drain while crystal clear water is delivered straight to your glass through the tap.

        Reverse osmosis is an advanced filtration method renowned for removing the highest percentage of contaminants from the water via a semi-permeable membrane trapping the impurities. In fact, Premium K5 Pure Ultra removes 99.99% of viruses and 99.99999% of bacteria using a Purefecta Guard filter.

        Carbon filtration

        Fitted water filters from the Aqua range, which include, Aquaguard, Aquascale and Aquataste use carbon filters, which attract and adsorb a range of impurities from the water. You will either need a three-way tap or an additional tap when installing a water filter system, of which they are various types to choose from.

        If you’re going to make drinking more water a lifestyle choice then why not choose the best, purest drinking water for you and your family.

        Drinking Water Systems

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        Drinking Water Systems

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