Yorkshire Water Softeners - Month 1 Renovations

Yorkshire Water Softeners - Month 1 Renovations

Transformation of our Showroom Yorkshire Water Softeners 

North East Water Softeners has been extremely successful operating from Hartlepool to the North East of England since 2011 but we continuously found that not a lot of people knew much about hard water, even though they lived in one of the hardest water areas of the UK. We needed to find a way to educate more people about water softeners by showing them the difference between hard and soft water in a realistic setting- similar to a home. We identified this unrealised potential and so, the next step for North East Water Softeners is our new showroom in York. We have been operating throughout Yorkshire for the last 8 years and to say a massive thank you to our loyal customers, we have decided to re-name ourself to Yorkshire Water Softeners. 

The showroom has all our trusted brands and products in as working models, for people to come in and try for themselves. We understand that trying to sell you a water softener which looks similar to all the others out there is quite hard and may be slightly confusing, so this showroom is a place for you to test out which one is right for you and to browse all our other additional products such as drinking water systems and our vast array of taps. 

Thus, the long awaited grand opening is almost here and we thought it would be fun to take a look at where it all began- at the early stages of our renovations. 
We began this journey in May of 2019 and the space was very basic when we started, an empty shell for us to really make our own. We began our renovations immediately and the showroom started taking shape. 

Month 1: May


A first look at how the showroom started- very plain and empty. We were able to create the space we needed by fitting internal walls and separating the stock room from the showroom. 



Once the walls had been finished, we then covered them in plaster board and plastered over the top so we had a blank canvas to paint, to hang and to display products on. 




We will be updating our blog with more photographs in the future of our transformation as new and exciting things happen. Stay tuned for more or if you would like to follow our journey, you can do so by following us on Instagram where you will see behind-the-scenes of our development. 

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