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Using Your Water Softener over Christmas and New Year

Using Your Water Softener over Christmas and New Year

Using Your Water Softener over Christmas and New Year

This festive period your home will get a lot more visitors than normal and more people are off during the day so you will need to ensure your water softener can cope with the additional demand. Now is the perfect time to check everything is running smoothly and your softener is in good shape. 

Over the holidays you may notice an increase in salt usage as the water demand will be higher so your softener will need to regenerate more frequently. Remembering to put salt in your softener is crucial and you can make sure all your guests can use the shower, bath, kettle, washing machine and dishwasher without running out of soft water. 

You can have confidence that your water softener will keep your appliances running at their most effective and efficient levels, so you can relax and spend some quality time with your family without the worry of something breaking down during the holidays. 


Check your salt levels and ensure you have a stock of salt for over the Christmas holidays. We are no longer taking an additional salt orders for Christmas for delivery but collection is still available. Please note that all salt orders made from the 19th December will be delivered in January. You are more than welcome to pick up salt and filters yourself on Friday 20th between 9am-5pm or Monday 23rd between the hours of 9:30am-1pm before we close for Christmas. 

Important Info

Our doors will close on December 23rd at 1pm and will re-open on Thursday 2nd January at 9:30am. Our offices will be empty during this time so any phone calls made during this holiday period will be returned in January. If you have an urgent enquiry or issue, please contact us on our email at: 

We receive all emails to our personal phones and these will be checked regularly- we will then be in contact to you in regards to your urgent query. 

If you do have any problems with your water softeners or drinking water systems please isolate the softener and bypass the water until further notice. You can find out how to isolate your softener by clicking HERE


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