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How to Save Money on Limescale Removers And Detergents

How to Save Money on Limescale Removers And Detergents

How to save money on your detergents. 

When you have hard water in your home you will be spending a lot more time and money on washing powders and limescale removers. So how can you save money on limescale removers and detergents? You may notice the vast amount of detergent you have to use to get any sort of foaming suds – whether that’s bubbles in your bath, washing-up liquid in yours sink, detergent in your washing machine or shampoo for washing your hair.

The presence of calcium and magnesium ions in hard water react with the detergents, not to form luxuriously soft foaming bubbles, but scum. Hard water prevents detergents from foaming which is why you’ll notice you need to use a great deal more soap and detergent to achieve any sort of suds.

Just look back in the bath – you probably used half a bottle of bubble bath and enjoyed the bubbles for a few minutes before they quickly dissipated to leave a murky looking bath with a film of unsightly scum on the top – not a nice thought to think you bathed in that, is it?!

In contrast soft water omitted from a water softener readily forms lather with soap and bubble bath giving you masses of luxuriously soft, creamy bubbles from just a very small amount of foam bath.

You can save significant money on your laundry detergents and bubble baths. It’s proven that in soft water we use up to 75% less detergents and toiletries as we need to use lesser amounts for them to form suds in soft water. So you’ll see benefits to your wallet too!

Did you know?
Even when 50% less detergent is used at a much lower temperature setting, soft water is still highly effective at removing stains. Just think of the detergent and energy you'll save!

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