How to Protect Hair And Skin From Hard Water

How to Protect Hair And Skin From Hard Water

Beautiful skin and hair

Your every day beauty regime starts with water and cleansing – this is why the type of water you have in your home can massively affect the feel and balance of your hair and skin.

If you have ever washed your face and its left feeling taught and stripped of moisture, this is often a consequence of washing in hard water. You then reach for your array of face and body creams to reinstate the natural moisture balance in your skin. Something many women spend hundreds of pounds on each year on – sound familiar?!

When you look back in the bath after you’ve stepped out, you’ll see another unpleasant consequence of living with hard water.

You’ve used half a bottle of bubble bath just to work up foam, but minutes later all the bubbles have dissipated and you’re left with a flat, murky coloured bath with scum on the top – that’s the effect of hard water. Not a very nice thought to think you’ve been washing in that is it?! 

How to Protect Hair And Skin From Hard Water 

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  • Andrew Kennedy
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