How To Prevent Limescale In Your Shower

How To Prevent Limescale In Your Shower
Did you know?
On average, it takes around 168 showers to clog your showerhead with limescale if you have hard water. If you shower twice a day, you’ll notice the flow of water drop in less than three months. And if you have a new shower, it won’t stay new for long! So How can you Prevent Limescale In Your Shower?

If you really want to protect the investments you’re making in your home, softening your water is the only long-term, permanent way to end your limescale problem. It really doesn’t make sense to spend hundreds or even thousands of pounds revamping a new kitchen or bathroom, only for it to be ruined a few months later by damaging limescale.
Water softeners stop the problem before it happens. They remove those limescale-causing minerals from hard water at the entry point to your house. This means you’ll have soft water running through your home, ensuring your bathroom and kitchen continue to look like new

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