Is Hard Water Wasting Money & Time?

Is Hard Water Wasting Money & Time?

How hard water is wasting your time (and money)

Is Hard Water Wasting Money & Time? Many will empathise with the constant daily battle to keep their kitchen and bathroom clean and free from the dreaded limescale.
Cupboards overflowing with countless limescale cleaning products and spray on limescale removers. Just think of the hours you’d save and the money you could put back in your pocket if you didn’t have a daily battle with limescale – something that soft water users just don’t have to worry about.
On average the time spent cleaning your bathroom equates to around 10 days every year, time that I'm sure you’ll agree could be better spent. The constant drudgery of scrubbing away limescale is an endless and thankless task and our biggest bugbear to keep clean…the shower screen. 
Just think of all the money you also spend on tactical cleaning products such as Viakal which will only tackle the problem short-term and then the dreaded limescale returns.

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  • Hazel George
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